Crises averted – for now

Everything was running smoothly all day until right before our third flight was about ready to depart. Everything got a little shaky there for a couple of hours. At first, our flight was delayed for 30 minutes, This isn’t a big deal, but the fact that it was delayed for mechanical problems seemed to be an eminent disaster. In the end it ended up being delayed until 9:35pm (and possibly canceled, but that still hasn’t been decided). Regardless, The delay would mean we would miss our connecting flight from Brussels to Rwanda. Luckily, we have a fast acting professor who was ahead of the game and did some great work to get us another flight. Way to go Dr. Renner! Although there are a few bag casualties (for now), hopefully those bags will make it to Kigali in a few days. The rest of us can share what we have with those that don’t have clothes. Meanwhile we are now busing to JFK airport to then fly to Istanbul and then on to Kigali.

Looking on the bright side – at least we didn’t get stuck inside the plane or on the runway and then they found the problem. We wouldn’t have had any chance to get a new flight that way. Also now we got to drive by the Statue of Liberty and see that as well as see parts of New York by bus. Both added surprises we didn’t have any clue were going to happen.

I’m hoping that’s the end of the flight excitement and we make it without a problem the rest of the way. It wouldn’t be as much of an adventure without some problems to figure out along the way though.


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